Episode 1: Saugeen Shores

Welcome to Saugeen Shores on Lake Huron! Saugeen Shores is home to twelve beautiful beaches, the Port Elgin Harbour, a vibrant local arts & culture scene, parks, nature trails and campgrounds, all backdropped by a rich heritage and history.

Join me on a beautiful tour of the Southampton Arts Centre, get to know some local artists, and enjoy a performance from my band, Spirit Awakens, performing live at the Southampton Town Hall.

Victoria Yeh
Electric violinist & Artistic Director

Spirit Awakens

NOW AVAILABLE to stream on demand! Episode 1 features the band, "Spirit Awakens" led by fusion electric violinist, Victoria Yeh, performing original music ainspired by the likes of Jean-Luc Ponty, Joe Satriani, Phillip Glass and more, the music is haunting, daring and bold.

Live, the band also performs truly unique takes on favourite classics from Gordon Lightfoot to REM and the Cranberries.

Filmed live at Southampton Town Hall

Southampton Arts Centre

In the heart of Southampton, just a few steps away from the beautiful shores of Lake Huron, you'll find the historic Southampton Town Hall building. Once home to the municipal office, the Southampton Town Hall became vacant as the township grew, and a unique opportunity arose to rethink and reimagine this beautiful space.

The Art Gallery

In 1999, Tanya Weichel and Carol Cleary founded a co-operative Gallery that continues to operate to this day as a home, an incubator and a community hub for local artists whose works are often inspired by the beautiful backdrop of Lake Huron. I had the opportunity to tour the gallery and was greeted with truly unique collections of paintings, pottery, jewellery, sculptures and more. The staff has done such a wonderful job creating a relaxed and welcome environment, that I felt right at home browsing through all their collections.

The Art School

Next door, the Southampton Art School, founded in 1957 by Bert Henderson, operates an impressively diverse array of adult and kids art classes ranging from soapstone carving to painting.

During my tour, I met with Emily Kewageshig of Saugeen First Nation - a talented teacher at the Art School and a blossoming art student  studying at the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD University). In the very early days of re-opening, the Southampton Arts Centre took bold action to re-open their spaces, and people like Emily stepped up to fill the very real need for youth engagement through the arts.

"Mother and Child" by Emily Kewageshig. Digital Illustration printed on Acrylic. $220

"Regeneration" by Emily Kewageshig. Reproduction printed on acrylic $285.

Door Prizes!

Donated by artists from the Southampton Art Gallery. Winners were drawn at random among Travel by Sound series subscribers.
  • Halina shearman

  • carl durance

  • Murray Fox

  • under the dutch elm

  • susan mcdonald

Halina Shearman Designs

Prize Winner: Janice M (Tiverton)!

With her flare for design and love of textiles, Halina has created colourful, original works of art for over 30 years. Through this passion for creative fashion design, she found inspiration for her current line from her large, personal collection of scarves.

The collection is made for real women, with all garments fitting from size zero all the way through to plus sizing and maternity. The garments not only work for all body types but for all occasions and seasons. Perfect for Mother of the bride, bridesmaids gifts, beach cover up, holiday parties and more!  

All product is proudly made in Canada using the finest hand picked materials, and is brought to you by an artist who takes immense pride and satisfaction from being able to share her one-of-a-kind designs with others looking to express their individuality through wearable art.

Find Halina on Etsy.

Adapting to the new realities of COVID-19

I had the chance to speak with Allison Billings, the programming and communications director and asked her how the Southampton Arts Centre has managed to adapt to the new realities and challenges of COVID-19. After all, it was hard to miss the fact that while most youth programs and municipal spaces continue to be locked down - somehow Southampton Arts managed to not only be up and running, but thriving.

Admitting to sleepless nights, scary times and many, many meetings with stakeholders, Allison said that the answers to all their tough questions became clear when they asked themselves, "What is our mission? Who are we supposed to support? And why are we doing this at all?"

What gave us a path, is how invested we are in supporting our community. We asked [...] what are the things we can do, to use what we do - to support what people need right now.

What they needed was stories, connection, hope.

Those were things we could provide.

Allison Billings, 

Programming & Communications Director,

Southampton Arts Centre

The Gallery and Arts School operate together as the Southampton Arts Centre at the Southampton Town Hall, and also share space with the Southampton Visitor Centre.

Each of these remain open to the public through COVID-19 with new safety protocols in place to welcome YOU!

Check out more featured artwork below, and plan your visit today!

Rocks and Rollers (Kristina Maus)

Handpicked by staff member, Alex, this piece perfectly captures one of the best places to be... the water.

Alex - “I personally love how every small brush stroke can blend into the picture but still stand out so much and provide detail. That alone reminds me of the beach. You can see the horizon and notice the sand and water, but then see how each grain of sand and ripple of water contributes to what you’re seeing. I think it’s beautiful when you can see the small things in life and how it all connects.” 


Silver Strong Jewellery (Shelley Strong)

Handcrafted rings by silversmith Shelley Strong/ Silverstrong Jewellery Design.

These rings are a dream! The designs and attention to detail in Shelley’s pieces are something to admire. The rings pictured are not only unique and one of a kind, but they are made with high quality materials which is very important to me when I am looking for the perfect piece of jewelry!


7 Grandfather Teachings (Kennedy Cameron)

Kennedy Cameron
12 years old
"Maada’ oonidwaad niizhwaaswi mishoomisag ~They are sharing the 7 Grandfather Teachings"
Acrylic on Canvas

Part of “The Colours of Creation” exhibition, curated by Emily Kewageshig - Artist, funded by Community Foundation Grey Bruce

My name is Kennedy. I am from the Ojibways of Saugeen First Nation, located on the shores of Lake Huron and in our culture we have 7 Grandfather Teachings which are LOVE -TRUTH -HONESTY -WISDOM-HUMILITY- COURAGE and RESPECT. We are all blessed with these gifts before we walk the earth.

It takes time during our journey on the earth when these gifts help us who we are as a person and how we live. Sometimes we only have a few of these gifts and need help from other people who carry other teachings to help us open the teachings we may not have, like my Grandma and Papa they carry so much WISDOM so they share with me their wisdom.

I wanted to capture a sacred animal sharing these 7 Grandfather Teachings this is why I called this painting "Maada’ oonidwaad niizhwaaswi mishoomisag ~They are sharing the 7 Grandfather Teachings"


Peri's Place (Glenda Hird)

“Peri’s Place”, by Glenda Hird. The traces of fallen leaves; familiar, cyclic, able to convey geography by species and in this case, conjure memory. 

Glenda uses a technique called eco printing which is part botany/ part science, using a mordanting process to transfer the natural dyes and forms of plant material to paper (textiles can also be used). 

Part of “Celebrate Southampton”, as we head into the last days of the exhibition and begin to see Glenda’s inspiration in the damp streets of our town, turning towards another season.